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Executive coaching, training and advisory

“My goal as a coach is to help individuals discover where they want to take their careers and help them map out a path forward with actionable steps”

About Me


As a career coach, I specialize in working with executives and emerging leaders facing a career transition.

My approach is focused on empowering professionals to navigate career choices, leverage their strengths, and explore new ways of optimizing their career paths.

I use a holistic approach incorporating life design principles to support aspiring leaders and meet them wherever they may be, whether facing a new challenge, developing new capabilities, or transitioning to a new role.

ICF certified and Co-Active certified Coach since 2020

TypeCoach certified professional since 2022

With over 20 years of experience working in Europe (Barcelona, London, Paris), I bring a unique perspective to career development and managing a global career.

Originally from Chicago, I have relocated 6-times internationally and can empathize with the challenges expatriates and repatriates face providing practical insights to move them forward.

I began my advisory career at IESE Business School in 2006 in Spain, where I led technology sector recruitment for MBAs with companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, as well as high-growth start-ups.

More recently I designed and delivered Career Development content for IESE’s Executive MBAs including LinkedIn optimization, CV building, interview preparation, and go-to-market strategy.

Prior to becoming a career strategist, I worked as a marketer in Silicon Valley during the Internet bubble years, where the dream to live along the Mediterranean Sea was born. Fast forward twenty years later, dream accomplished, I have returned with my family to live in the U.S. again and to start a new chapter in the Boston area.


"Improvement is hard. If it were easy, we’d already be better"

– Marshall Goldsmith


Executive & Career Coaching

My coaching approach is adapted for each person with a focus on future possibilities to help clients reach their personal and professional goals.

Here are some possible coaching topics to identify any gaps and overcome key career challenges:

  • Recognize and leverage strengths

  • Clarify values, key drivers and career priorities

  • Increase confidence when goal setting and courage to attain them

  • Define target roles and design job search strategy

  • Detect limiting beliefs and move past blockers

  • Build resilience and mental wellbeing

  • Facilitate the verification process for finding your best-fit personality type using the Typecoach verifier

Coaching is a process that typically requires several sessions. During our exploration call, I will assess your needs and make a recommendation on how many sessions to target for your coaching process.

For individuals

Book a 30-minute exploration call today.

Languages: English, Spanish

LinkedIn Profile Reviews

With over 875 million connected professionals, LinkedIn has become our digital business card making a first impression before we speak to recruiters, hiring managers, clients and colleagues around the globe.

Having an impactful profile helps you stand out from the crowd. Once people understand your career trajectory better and your personal story, this can compel them to make that first connection and more importantly, start a conversation with you.

After having reviewed hundreds of profiles for professionals and business school students, I’ve seen how an impactful profile can get you invited to interviews at organizations that initially seemed out of reach. I would love to help you optimize your profile. My goal in helping you improve your profile is to make a positive difference between a profile that goes unnoticed to one that gets contacted for opportunities.

If you’re interested in creating an all-star profile that highlights your career narrative and helps you differentiate yourself, please contact me.

Workshops & Webinars

I love bringing insights to life in engaging and practical workshops on career topics such as Optimizing your LinkedIn profile, CV building and Job Search strategy.

I also facilitate the Typecoach influence course where participants learn the mastery of two skills, they can use every day to improve their relationships with colleagues, clients, bosses, key stakeholders, and their direct reports. These skills are:

1) The ability to identify the personality type preference in others

2) The ability to adapt communication to any individual, based on their personality type

Contact me to learn more about how I can tailor any of these workshops for your group. Trainings can be delivered in-person, virtually or hybrid.

Client Testimonials

Vicki is more career wizard than mentor.

"I met her as an exchange student at IESE, and she was able to hone in immediately on the intersection between my skills, background and value proposition, and a multitude of opportunities in the market. She has a tell-it-like-it-is communication style and a great balance of tact and honesty. Her depth of knowledge in the tech job market is impressive, as is her willingness to go the extra mile in helping students finds their best-fit career path. I know she will benefit any aspiring professional lucky enough to meet with her."


Fernando, gaming entrepreneur

"I am very grateful for the patience and the empathy Vicki showed me, and how she supported me throughout the whole journey towards finding my new purpose, from not knowing literally what I wanted to do, to finding powerful insights that changed my way of looking at the world - in and out of work. And, much like it happens to the boy on The Alchemist, at the end I found myself heading back to square one, after figuring out that that was what I really wanted. You helped me finding a new and meaningful path, which made me a much happier person."

"Vicki’s empathy and striking insight greatly contributed to clear my reasoning while I was navigating in my career self-assessment. Her strategic questioning and fit-to purpose suggestions were fundamental for me whilst designing my action plan and I will definitely keep them for future reference."

Dilma, energy sector

"Vicki is an excellent career management professional. In the 5+ years we've collaborated, she consistently demonstrated deep industry expertise and remained committed, constructive and empathetic. More specifically, when I was a career-switching international MBA student, she provided practical tools and constructive advice that enabled me to explore the roles and industries I was interested in and to eventually land a number of job offers in Europe."

Hans, independent business consultant

"Vicki is an amazing career coach. I had one session with her during times of uncertainty and got a second view of the option I had on the table. She excels in creating a personal as well as professional environment during counseling sessions - which signals that she truly cares about you and your development. She is an excellent listener and asks the right questions to help you reflect. I highly appreciate that she is not pushing in a specific direction but rather partners with you to figure out where you want to be in the future and how to get there."

Richard, retail sector

"Walk to your goal firmly and with bold steps"

– Kahlil Gibran